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About Lugic, Inc.

Outsourcing key business processes has become central to the ability of organizations to thrive in a very competitive business environment. In order to free organizations from high-cost business processes, outsourcing non-core business processes have become an inevitable trend. Through outsourcing, organizations could now respond well with changes in the task and external environment and allocate their resources to tasks that are more compatible with the general business goals. This would include enhancement of strategic planning capacity that is very important in improving their competitive position. Our organization has become committed in helping our partner organizations in achieving these goals through our high quality outsourcing services.

Lugic Inc. has established high level of experience in customer management processes, consultancy, and IT development in the Philippines. With high quality workforce in the Philippines at a low cost, Lugic Inc. is able to leverage on better outsourcing services and helps their partners achieve cost efficiency and more effective control of processes of business. The company is based in the United States but the key facilities are located in the Philippines , where all business operations are conducted. Lugic Inc. is aiming at providing our partners with various customer management solutions, process consulting and IT development packages that would suit the needs of our partners.

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