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Customer Contact Centers

Part of the total quality management strategies of organizations is the management of customers' satisfaction. The capacity of the organization to respond well with the needs of their customers is becoming a very important competitive strategy in the global business world. Contact center solutions however remained as one of the biggest drivers of costs in the organization. Lugic Inc. offers organizations low-cost contact center solutions with high level of quality management. We offer various contact center solutions that would help our partner organizations achieve their customer management targets.

Customer Care Phone Support
Lugic Inc. offers customer care support through our English speaking representatives coming from top universities in the Philippines . The goal of Lugic Inc. is to enhance the capacity of the organization to improve customer experience through improved customer care support, efficient systems of customer care services, and fast and responsive customer resolution strategies. Through our customer management model, Lugic Inc. would enhance customer loyalty, customer retention and customer acquisition.
Customer Care E-mail and Chat Support

Customer experience is a very important component in the process of enhancing Total Quality Management in an organization. This means fast and efficient response to the needs and wants of customers. Lugic Inc. is targeting at meeting all the demands of our partner's consumer base through our online support. This could be achieved through E-mail and Chat Support Systems that could provide fast and convenient support for our partner's customers.

Technical Support

Part of the differentiation strategy for organizations is the kind of support that they could provide for customers. With convergence of technology, technical support services are becoming central for organizations to maintain customer base. Lugic Inc. aims at providing our partners with high levels of technical support services through online, chat, and phone technical support. This is coupled with high technical training quality for our technical support representatives in order to ensure maximum technical know-how.

Sales Support

Sales capacity of the organization is central to the survival of the organization. This is the primary mechanism through which the organization could reach their target market, generate positive cash inflows, and meet their bottom line. Lugic Inc. offers sales services through our high quality phone sales team. The unique combination of sales capacity and customer service orientation would help our partners to reach their target market, achieve their sales target, and improve customer acquisition and retention.

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